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June 23, 2020

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Happy Tuesday and Happy National Pink Day. Most known pink is the 57 years old Pink Panther (Not Peter Sellers), a cute French animated character appeared first in 1963, was sold to Marvel Comics in 1981 and became Marvel Productions (now a part of The Walt Disney Company).

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Morning Dough Google Creates a New Traffic Source With Keen
Morning Dough Spotify Unveils Self-Service Video Ads
Morning Dough How Businesses Are Collecting Data (And What They’re Doing With It)
Morning Dough Don’t Do That: Email Marketing Lessons From 26 Year Spam Archive
Morning Dough Learn Why Videos Go Viral

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Google Creates a New Traffic Source With Keen

Source: Google Blog

A new and potentially powerful way to attract more site visitors. Google Keen proactively recommends content to users, is an experimental web and Android app that is a part of Google’s Area 120 projects. Area 120 is described as where small teams can work together in a small startup mode to bring innovative projects to life.

According to SEJ, as users gathered links and resources related to their hobbies and goals, the Googler understood that he needed a tool that not only helped curate and share those ideas but to discover more of those ideas.

Web publishers, search marketers and web stores may find it useful to look into Keen to see how it may fit into their marketing strategy.

Spotify Unveils Self-Service Video Ads

Source: Spotify 

Spotify announced a video ads to its self-serve platform gives mobile marketers with more flexibility in their marketing campaigns by adding visual storytelling that resembles other video platforms. According to Mobile Marketer, Spotify is mostly known as a music and podcast platform, though the addition of video ads suggests that the company sees a growing opportunity to engage listeners with video ads that supplement their audio experience. The company claimed in information shared with Mobile Marketer that 25% of its overall ad revenue comes from video ads, an indication that brands already are running campaigns on its mobile and desktop platforms.


Which Of The Following Companies Is Bigger In Ecommerce Sales in 2019?

A. Amazon
B. Alibaba

Source: Medium

See the answer at the end of the dough newsletter.

Why Videos Go Viral

Kevin Allocca is YouTube’s Head of Culture & Trends, and he has deep thoughts about silly web video. In this Ted Talk, he shares the 4 reasons a video goes viral.

Watch the complete Ted Talk here.

Your One Source For DNS Related Tools checks DNS propagation from 20 locations. It also carries various useful tools such as IP location finder, IP traceroute, MAC address lookup and more.

Two of the more common usages for this tool is to find all sites hosted on a given server and to find domain names owned by an incidental or a company.

Get ViewDNS here.

How Businesses Are Collecting Data (And What They're Doing With It)

Today’s technologies allows you to capture different type of consumer data: personal data, engagement data, behavioral data and attitudinal data.

The 2 most important questions are:

1) How do businesses collect consumer data?
2) How do businesses use consumer data?

Read more here. (Business News Daily)


What Is Dynamic Keyword Insertion (KDI)?
Dynamic keyword insertion is a feature in Google AdWords that allows an advertiser to customize their ads and dynamically insert an AdWords keyword into your ad copy, based on the searcher’s query.

Don’t Do That: Email Marketing Lessons From 26 Year Spam Archive

In 1994, Lane Ellis has started archiving the funniest and most outlandish spam emails he received and throughout the rest of the ‘90s he sent out an annual holiday compendium of the year’s top unsolicited messages.

Now he has published his top 5 email marketing take-aways allowing you to learn from a 26 year archive of spam to create better clean email marketing campaigns. 

Read more here. (Top Rank Blog)


How to Successfully Sell Your Design Work Online (WorkinMyPajamas)

What marketers can learn from online gaming’s winning playbook (Think With Google)

How To Level Up Marketing Content From B2B Influencers (Top Rank Blog)

Google On How to Use the Manual Action Report in Search Console (SEJ)

EIDL Program Reopened for Eligible Small Business Companies (Small Business Trends)

Join MozCon Virtual Conference on July 14-15, 2020

Join MozCon Virtual for a journey into the deepest realms of search marketing for 2 days on July 14-15, 2020. Connect with an incredible community of experts and uncover tactical advice from industry-leading practitioners in the vast world of SEO, mobile, conversion optimization, local search, and more.

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Which Of The Following Companies Is Bigger In Ecommerce Sales in 2019?

A. Amazon ($289 Billion)
B. Alibaba ($31 Billion)

The answer is A. Amazon with $289 Billion in sales vs Alibaba with only $31 Billion in sales in 2019.

Source: Medium

Read more about Alibaba vs Amazon: How does their business models differ? here.

Written by Itay Paz

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