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November 3, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning & Happy Election Day in the US.

President Jimmy Carter once told a joke during a speech in Japan that caused the audience to burst into laughter.

When they got backstage, Jimmy Carter, who was impressed with the interpreter’s skills, asked him how he managed to get such a laugh.

The interpreter admitted to saying: “President Carter told a funny story. Everyone must laugh”.

A few things happening:

1) Facebook charged Biden a higher price than Trump for campaign ads.

2) Former Dropbox and Microsoft employees launch Twingate, a new VPN alternative.

3) Instagram story hacks: 20 tricks and features you should know.

4) LinkedIn up to 722 million members, continues to see ‘Record Levels of Engagement’.

5) Why appealing YouTube thumbnails matter guarantees more views for your video.

6) Productivity: How to prevent burnout: real examples and best practices.

7) Estée Lauder for the first time is letting Spotify listeners verbally request a sample of its new beauty serum.

8) Microsoft Teams now lets you hide from your nagging colleagues.

Have an awesome day!
Itay Paz

Google is Bringing Its Own VPN To Desktops and Phones With $9.99 Google One Subscription

Source: Google One VPN

There are any number of VPN services you can use to help protect your privacy and security with an encrypted internet connection and now Google announced its own VPN service. Well, technically, it already did, but only for Google Fi cellular subscribers on Android smartphones. Now, the company’s announcing it’ll throw in an Android-based VPN free of charge to any 2TB Google One cloud storage subscriber in the US — and will expand to iOS, Windows and Mac and other countries “in the coming months.”

Read more here.

Visit Google VPN here.

The Complete, No-Nonsense Guide to Voice Search

Source: Ahrefs

More people than ever are searching by voice. So it’s no surprise that the question on everyone’s lips is: ‘Hey Google, how do I optimize for voice search?’

It’s a fair question, but is it even possible?

Discover what is voice search? how widely used is voice search, things to know about voice search, should you optimize for voice search and how to optimize for voice search.

Read more here.


In 2015, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time. Since then, it’s continued to skyrocket. Now, more than 85% of internet users are mobile.

With such an increase in mobile internet usage, today’s advertisers are pivoting more toward mobile ads. In 2019, mobile advertising spending surpassed $200 billion. By 2023, it is expected to exceed $400 billion, representing more than 80% of global digital ad spend.

Yet, there’s a problem: A huge portion of mobile ad spend is being wasted because advertisers don’t prioritize personalized post-click experiences on mobile.

Read more here.


Source: YouTube

Knowing what truly matters to customers and prospects is the difference between failure and success with digital marketing campaigns. In this video, we dig into the topic of buyer personas.

Discover how to find data and build buyer personas that lead to big sales.

Watch video here.

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What is Buyer Persona?

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