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July 17, 2020

Morning Dough


Happy Friday and Happy National Lottery Day. The most drawn Lottery numbers are 11, 23, 25, 31, 33 & 38 (over 321 time).

In today’s edition:

Morning Dough How to Beat the Commission Cuts
Morning Dough Google Adds New Features to Responsive Search Ads
Morning Dough Building a Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Brand Without Paid Marketing
Morning Dough Chrome 84 Handles 3rd Party Cookies Differently
Morning Dough The Essential Strategies For Effective Inbox Delivery
Morning Dough Is YouTube About to Update Its Algorithm Again
Morning Dough The ‘Truth’ About Content Length

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Let’s make it an awesome weekend!
— Itay Paz

Beat the Commission Cuts: How Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites Can Pivot to FBA

Source: Affilorama

Amazon associate program, one of the most popular and accessible affiliate programs, announced in April, a  cut of the referral commissions for a number of categories, resulting in a drastic cut in revenue for a huge number of sites.

If you’re part of that number, you’ve got a couple of options. Either stay put and accept less money in your pocket, or look for a pivot to regain what was lost.

There are a couple of options for you, if you were hit by the commission cuts, including how you can diversify your business and sell physical products with Amazon FBA.

Read more here.

Google Adds New Features to Responsive Search Ads

Source: SEJ

Google announced adding new features to Responsive Search Ads (RSA) ad copy options with dynamic features, and increasing its helpfulness with cross-campaign results and asset suggestions.

These new features include: Location Extension Insertion, Countdown Customizers, New Copy Asset Suggestions and Cross-Campaign Asset Reporting.

Read more here.

Get The Right Insights To Increase Your Videos Engagement

Wistia is a great tool for marketers who are using videos. While It has lots of great features, what we like best is that it enables you to analyze your videos engagement and fix it according to the data provided.

Get Wistia here.

How Long Should Blog Posts Be? The ‘Truth’ About Content Length

Most blog posts should be at least 300 words in length. Any shorter than that, and you should probably question whether you have anything much to say at all.

Hitting a certain word count shouldn’t be your aim. Your aim should be to write a thorough, engaging, and well-researched post that’s as long as it needs to be: no less and no more.

Ahref explores why this is almost certainly wrong, and what you should do instead to optimize your blog posts for search engines.

Read more here.

The Essential Strategies For Effective Inbox Delivery

When a person subscribes to your email list if they don’t receive the email in their inbox? The likely hood of them finding it in the spam folder is about 3 percent. You should have a solid plan to send emails focused on inboxing and continuously maintain/monitor these priorities for successful email campaigns.

This DMIEXPO talk will explain the fundamental as well as advance critical steps that will help you continue to build your email list and let you focus on the creative side of emails. The focus of this session will touch the following: Confirmation Email, The Welcome Email, and then a variety follow up emails in which most use encompassing; promotional , triggers, funnels, seasonal, post-purchase, delivery tracking, newsletters, and the abandoned cart email. Mastering the foundation of inbox strategies is the quintessential key to any successful email delivery program.

Watch the full DMIEXPO talk here by Keith Kouzmanoff.

MozCon Virtual 2020: Top Takeaways from Day Two (2)

Get the second day takeaways here.


Chrome 84 Handles 3rd Party Cookies Differently – How it Affects Publishers (SEJ)

3 Steps To Improving Your Marketing Intelligence Strategy (AdAge)

How 3 Brands Pivoted To Meet Changing Consumer Demand And Grow Online Sales (Google)

How Ecommerce Brands Are Incorporating Live Streaming Into Digital Strategy (Econsultancy)

Brands Can Now Have Their Own Profiles On Snapchat (WERSM)

Is YouTube About to Update Its Algorithm Again? (SEJ)

Rubik’s Cube sees 17M TikTok views with 40th anniversary campaign (Mobile Marketer)

Building a Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Brand Without Paid Marketing

Source: Shopify

During a yoga retreat, life and business partners Natalie Holloway and Maximilian Kislevitz got the idea to add weighted bands to their flow for a more intense workout. The couple quickly began designing stylish wrist and ankle weights and successfully launched Bala in 2017 on Kickstarter, and later had every Shark vying to be their partner on Shark Tank. In this episode of Shopify Masters, Natalie and Max share how they tested product viability, gained coverage from notable publications, and have built a multi-million brand without paid advertising.

Read more here.

Repurpose Your Content for Maximum Social Reach

Source: hootsuite

One of the powerful strategies you can utilize with your online marketing is repurposing your content: meaning taking any quality content you have spent a lot of time to create, repurpose it and deliver it to blog posts, ebooks, email series, videos, checklists, SlideShare, audio & podcasts.

Different people like to consume content in different ways and with the same invested resources you can maximize your social reach to them.

Read more here.

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Written by Itay Paz

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