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August 18, 2020

Morning Dough

Happy Tuesday and Happy National Mail Order Catalog Day. Many would think it is hilarious that there are still mail order catalogs but some would say that they are making a comeback growing hundreds percent in the past few years.

As I explained to my daughter what is mail order catalog and all about Infomercials, we’ve watched the ‘Funniest Infomercials Of All Time’ and we literally had tears in our eyes laughing watching this video with the SlobStopper, PoopTrap, the Happy Dog Man, EZ Cracker, URO Club (don’t miss it) and more.

When I travel to the US, I always love to watch Infomercials as you can learn a lot of things you can (and should) utilize in your online marketing.

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Source: SuperOffice

Whether you meet with sales reps or speak with customer support, you’ll find out very quickly that only a small number of companies send follow up emails.

That’s less than 3% that are using these ‘How Did We Do?’ or ‘Survey’ follow-up emails.

Using any and all of these 7 follow up templates will not only help you keep your existing customers happy, but it’s a great way to stand out against the competition and generate business from potential customers.

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Source: Instagram/Facebook

Instagram has announced today Instagram Reels: a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. In every conceivable way, Instagram Reels is worse than TikTok. But in all likelihood, that won’t stop the blatant clone from becoming a hit, says Mashable.

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As you don’t really need web developers to create quality and high converting landing pages, the question is no longer “How Do I Build A Landing Page?” – it’s “What is the best landing page builder?” And the choice can really be overwhelming.

Learn why you need a lander and how to get it, why use landing page builders, free vs paid landing page builders, how to choose the best landing page builder for you.

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Source: Medium

A lot of people ask how to produce the best social media for their company. But as well as having essential tools like brand guidelines, great copy and a creative mind… you also need a work setting conducive to producing.

Discover the top 10 ways to make your desk setup perfect for the best balance of creativity and productiveness by digital marketer John Hunteruk.

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Source: DigitgalMarketer

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, business, and marketing, then chances are you are familiar with ABC’s Shark Tank.

It’s objectively an entertaining show, which is probably why it’s been around for 11 years. Hour-long episodes are filled with original product ideas, lucrative business negotiations, life changing deals, and billionaires. How can you not be entertained?

But alongside the entertainment factor of Shark Tank, there’s an educational factor too – Learn the 6 lessons that Shark Tank can teach you about marketing & business.

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Watch Shark Tank episodes on ABC here.


Google: We’ll Test Hiding The Full URL In Chrome 86 To Combat Phishing (ZDNet)

New Shopify Google Web Vitals App (SEJ)

Amazon Seller Insurance Requirements (Jungle Scout)

Telegram Introduces End-To-End Encrypted Video Calls (TNW)

Top 12 B2B Marketing Technologies, Budgets Sky Rocket, And Why B2B Vendors Lost Business (ClickZ)

How to Create a Content Marketing Campaign (Taboola)


Source: Jeff Bullas

An SEO expert’s day is filled with a plentitude of activities to rank well on Google, starting with taking care of basic content quality to backlinks, site structure, mobile user experience, and other technical features.

The truth is some tasks are too boring to complete at the end of a tiring day. But you can’t leave it on the table to handle some other day, as it will only overshadow other, more important tasks.

The good news is advanced online tools can handle your boring SEO tasks, helping you save at least one day per week for creative activities.

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Source: Google

Even without a recession to contend with, successfully launching (and growing) any business is tough work. Something as simple as Google reviews, however, can make things easier.

Local business searches can be highly influential. According to data from HubSpot, 72% of consumers visit a store within five miles of their location after conducting a local search.

If done right, the process of acquiring more quality Google reviews can be simple and very effective.

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