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November 26, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

What’s happening:

1) Hackers tricked GoDaddy into helping attacks on cryptocurrency services.

2) Large spike Google My Business suspensions.

3) Google will take into account your past searches to suggest more relevant queries

Source: Google

4) PayPal’s version of GoFundMe is called Generosity Network.

5) Google knows when you upgrade your server & will relearn how fast & frequent to crawl.

6) Google manual actions bug is now resolved.

7) Spamhaus partners with ICANN to tackle epidemic email abuse.

8) How to earn a featured snippet doing nothing.

9) How the LinkedIn Ads auction works — and how you can benefit.

10) Thousands of Spotify accounts hacked – here’s what you need to know.

11) How DuckDuckGo (and Microsoft) benefit from Google’s sprawling advertising business.

Have an awesome day!
Itay Paz


To succeed in ecommerce, you first need to offer products that are currently in-demand that you can capitalize in the following months.

Back in September we’ve published the list of trending products to sell online for the last few months of 2020.

Now, this has become a cornerstone content where you can revisit as we update the list on a regular basis, showing now the trending products to sell online in 2021.

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Source: Sparktoro

Look at this Google Analytics traffic graph, It’s not pretty, but sometimes we can learn more from failures than from success.

You see that, too, right? In the week of November 15-21, SparkToro’s website saw a slight decline in traffic that, for most of this year, only happens when they don’t publish anything new. But, during that Nov. 15-21 week, they did publish. In fact, they’ve published more actively than in other week of the website’s 2.5 year existence.

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When you think about marketing, your mind likely goes to SEO, ads, conversion rates, etc.

But surveys are a marketer’s secret weapon.

Get the complete guide on how to use survey to achieve your business goals.

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Mark Rofe is a digital marketer, with about 10 years working across Ecommerce, Fintech, and Digital PR. This year Mark decided to quit his job at a digital PR agency (rise at seven) to spend a couple of months building up an ecommerce site selling Christmas Trees online.

Mark had purchased a good domain name – – in December 2019. In mid-2020 he decided to build the site up to launch it in October 2020.

Discover the process of how Mark started his online Christmas Trees business.

Read more here.

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