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December 7, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

Here is the roundup for things happening:

1) The DOJ is suing Facebook for side-stepping visa rules.

2) Google confirms rollout of Core Algorithm update.

3) Facebook Ad account is disabled? here’s what you can do.

4) How social networks drive billions of search visits with SEO – Discover some organic growth strategies that you can apply on your own sites.

5) 300 marketers were asked how real people use tech. Their replies were oh, boy.

6) Adobe users targeted in dangerous new phishing campaign.

7) The 101 best and worst business moves of the pandemic.

8) Discover the top online marketplaces? (Not Amazon…)

9) Here is what we’ve learned from analyzing over 306m keywords.

10) Microsoft’s new analytics tools help you keep track of all your business data.

11) This new feature in Microsoft Excel will revolutionize the way you build formulas.

12) How to hire SEO freelancers (see also SEO experts salary).

13) Google News will soon unlock paywalled content for iOS and Android users

14) YouTube introduces new feature to address toxic comments.

Source: YouTube

15) Twitter finally shuts down its abandoned prototype app twttr.

16) How to supercharge your link building outreach (5 tips for success).

17) What does present buying behavior mean for the future of e-commerce?

18) Why writing quick answers for Google is not enough.

Have an awesome day!
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