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💰 Featured snippets account for a 35.1% share of all clicks
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December 8, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

Here is the roundup for things happening:

1) Featured snippets account for a 35.1% share of all clicks (Research Insights)

2) Social media techniques to integrate into your digital PR strategy.

3) Amazon now lets you text Alexa on iOS to ask for things instead of only using your voice.

4) SEMrush Sensor tool for the different categories.

5) How does the ecommerce experience in China differ from the west?

6) Even gift cards aren’t safe from hackers this holiday season.

7) Google is rolling out Emoji Kitchen cooks up a new batch of mashups.

8) Apple’s data-collection ‘nutrition labels’ for apps will begin appearing next week.

9) How to come up with tangential content ideas?

10) How converge effectively incorporates conversation ads into higher education marketing campaigns.

11) How does B2B social media differ from B2C?

12) Chrome OS adds tab search to help you find that one tab you opened hours ago but need to look at again.

13) When to apply Google Ads recommendations (or Not)

14) 7 ways to build strong client relationships (+ 6 pro tips).

15) How Google organizes information to find what you’re looking for.

16) Outbound for Closers: a complete guide to pain-based cold email

17) 8 must-try Instagram Story ideas.

18) How enterprise companies are implementing customer journey mapping.

19) Google Podcasts now supports private RSS feeds so you can listen to the shows you pay to access.

Have an awesome Tuesday!
Itay Paz

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