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December 2, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

Here is the roundup for things happening:

1) Apple now offering a 5 month free apple music subscription to new users.

2) Google: longer anchor text is not better but may provide more context, and Yes, anchor text is a Google Ranking factor.

3) Google Search Podcast Carousel updated with larger graphics.

4)  “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”: How 2020 has changed Inc. magazine.

5) Guide: How to grow your email newsletter list with blogging.

6) Mobile Marketer merges with Marketing Dive.

7) 11 ways to virtually visit Santa this holiday season.

8) How SMS marketing cuts through the noise, plus 4 examples to try.

9) H1 Headings for SEO – why they matter.

10) How to become a customer-centric business.

11) The marketer’s guide to brand awareness.

12) How to choose the right technical SEO agency.

13) Is longer copy better for social media ads?

14) Ecommerce website designs: 27 best online shops and why they work.

15) What is Impostor Syndrome? 6 ways for designers and developers to overcome it.

16) How one TikTok led to a new Arby’s menu item.

Source: TikTok

17) 51 Quick & easy ways to increase conversions.

18) How to win in competitive & costly ppc environments.

19) Why is my Google Analytics inaccurate? 21 ways your Google analytics is wrong and how to fix it.

20) How to write in a conversational tone: Tips for B2B and B2C.

21) Spotify now has Stories and can this please stop.

Source: Spotify

22) How to create a media list that gets publicity.


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