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November 24, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

A few things happening:

1) Google: Earn more this holiday season with engaging ad formats.

Source: Google

2) Facebook launches legal action against Instagram clone sites.

3) The Internet Archive is now preserving Flash games and animations.

4) Facebook community standards enforcement report, November 2020.

5) Direct mail is still a highly effective way to reach customers outside of digital marketing, get the Direct mail marketing guide for small businesses.

6) TikTok Tutorial Series: Widgets put discovery at your fingertips.

7) 10 PPC trends you can’t ignore now (insights from 32 PPC experts on trends to watch in the coming year).

8) Google Guaranteed badge starting to appear on Google Maps listings.

9) Microsoft re-launches its Advertising Community & Forum.

Source: Microsoft Advertising

Source: Microsoft Advertising

Have an awesome day!
Itay Paz


Years ago, we set out to get some basic questions about blogging. It’s grown into a long-term project that tracks trends in the changing world of content marketing.

Each year, we ask 1000+ bloggers about their content and their process. Then we make a giant pile of charts. We add input from content marketing experts. And we look for correlations between the data and results.

This year we had 1,279 survey responses.

What follows are 33 charts, 13 experts and hundreds of blogging statistics that reveal some fascinating insights into an industry in flux.

New Blogging Statistics: Blogging still works, especially for the 10% of bloggers who do things very differently…

Read more here.


When you’re first starting out (and sometimes even if you’re experience entrepreneur), it’s hard to delegate anything because: you can’t afford it, you don’t know anyone who knows how to do the task or you don’t have time to teach a new person what to do.

So most entrepreneurs do everything themself: writing/editing content, recording/editing videos, designing a website, handling refunds/cancellations, running social media, managing ad campaigns, and doing taxes.

But if you want to build a huge success, you have to prove you can handle it by building a small success first.

As you’re building your business, you want to start delegating these five tasks as soon as possible. The faster you delegate, the faster your business will grow.

Read more here.


Your team works incredibly hard producing content that should produce positive results for your company, one of them being growth for your bottom line.

What good is all that work when you can’t prove that what you’re doing is actually influencing your ROI?

According to, 37% of chief marketing officers feel confident they can prove their short-term ROI. That number drops to 31% when they’re asked if they could prove-long term ROI.

What’s the solution?

A marketing ROI formula that helps your team track costs and revenue generated from your projects and find a final ROI total.

Read more here.


You might think it’s just a few words, but ad copywriting can determine the success or failure of your ad campaign. Whether it’s text in a Google ad or in a Facebook advertisement, your website’s traffic is dependent on the messages you send out. So, if you’re looking for PPC ad copy examples to learn a few things yourself, you’re in the right place.

Read more here.

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