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June 26, 2020

Morning Dough


Happy Friday and Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day (began in 1999 as a way to celebrate companion dogs and to encourage adoptions). In the past few months people are eager to take their dogs out and get out of their homes while in lockdown… (basically, dogs take their owner to get fresh air 😊)

In today’s edition:

Morning Dough Microsoft Launches A Free Search And Social Campaign Management Platform
Morning Dough Brazil Suspends WhatsApp Payments Amid Fears Over Market Competition
Morning Dough Great Insights On Human Behavior You Can Implement To Your Marketing Strategies
Morning Dough The Local SEO Cheat Sheet [Free PDF Download]
Morning Dough Improve Your Mobile Website To Boost Your Business Using Google Test My Site

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Microsoft Launches A Free Search And Social Campaign Management Platform For SMBs

Source: SEL

Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center is heading into a pilot stage that is accepting new participants. The platform is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage digital campaigns across multiple networks from one interface.

Digital Marketing Center enables small businesses to manage organic social media and paid search and social campaigns across Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter’s ad platforms. The product came out of the company’s experimental project lab, Microsoft Garage.

Read more here. (SEL)

Brazil Suspends WhatsApp Payments Amid Fears Over Market Competition
Brazil Suspends WhatsApp Payments Amid Fears Over Market Competition

10 days after Facebook has began its WhatsApp Pay testing in Brazil, Brazil’s central bank and the country’s antitrust watchdog Cade have ordered the suspension of financial transactions via WhatsApp as part of an investigation into the threats the app presents to the national payments system.

As part of the decision, Visa and Mastercard, which intermediated the transactions, have been told to halt the operation or be subjected to fines and administrative sanctions.

Great Insights On Human Behavior You Can Implement To Your Marketing Strategies

What’s the best way to get people to change their behavior? In this funny, information-packed talk, professor Dan Ariely, a psychologist & behavioral economist, explores why we make bad decisions even when we know we shouldn’t – and discusses a couple tricks that could get us to do the right thing (even if it’s for the wrong reason).

Through his research and his (often amusing and unorthodox) experiments, he questions the forces that influence human behavior and the irrational ways in which we often all behave that you can implement to your marketing strategies.

Watch the complete Ted Talk here.

Improve Your Mobile Website To Boost Your Business Using Google Test My Site

Source: Google

Google is continuing its emphasis on speed to get site owners to improve their mobile web experiences for users. After rebuilding its Test My Site tool last year, Google has now added speed recommendations aimed at improving user experiences.

Test Your Site for Free here.

How to Create a Cost-Effective Instagram Ads Funnel: 4 Tips

Wondering how to build an effective ads funnel on Instagram? Looking for tips to choose the right objectives or targeting audiences? Social Media Examiner explains to you how to find four ways to optimize your Instagram ads funnel for different stages of the customer journey.

Read & watch here.


What Is A Cookie?
A delicious baked…err… a cookie is a small digital file that is stored on the user’s computer after they visit a site. This can stay on a computer either permanently or temporarily. Users can clear their cookies, or clear cache, to remove any temporarily stored cookies from their website. Cookies can be used by a business to learn about their customer, how they interact with their website, and remarket back to them based off of their interests.

What is Cookie Stuffing?
Cookie stuffing (also called as ‘Cookie Dropping’) is an illegitimate technique where a third-party places multiple affiliate cookies on a user’s browser, in order to claim the commission out of sales happening from that browser which are not legally his. Essentially, it’s an act of fraud that lets people earn illegitimate commissions without doing any honest work.

The Local SEO Cheat Sheet [Free PDF Download]

Source: MOZ

Whether you’re an affiliate, an agency or if you’re a local business owner tasked with marketing your business, keeping on top of your local SEO tasks can be a hurdle. MOZ created the SEO’s Local Search Cheat Sheet to help you stay on track.

It is easy and simplifies the local SEO process. 

Get the SEO Local Cheat Sheet here. (MOZ)


Google to See Unprecedented Drop in Ad Revenue (SEJ)

How To Create a Winning Video Sales Letter (VSL) (Click Funnels)

CCPA: What California’s new privacy law means for Facebook, Twitter users (CNET)

5 Simple and Effective Ways to Increase YouTube Engagement (Hootsuite)

Google to shutter CallJoy, virtual agent for SMBs, on July 22 (SEL)

Join MozCon Virtual Conference on July 14-15, 2020

Join MozCon Virtual for a journey into the deepest realms of search marketing for 2 days on July 14-15, 2020. Connect with an incredible community of experts and uncover tactical advice from industry-leading practitioners in the vast world of SEO, mobile, conversion optimization, local search, and more.

Grab Your Spot At MozCon Virtual Now!

The Barisieur Is a Handsome, One-of-a-Kind Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock


Joy Resolve’s Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock looks like some sort of Rube Goldberg machine designed by an engineer who’s been quarantined at home for far too long. In reality, it’s actually a high-tech tea & coffeemaker with enough convenience features to take your morning routine to the next level. Hundreds of people already signed up for it on KICKSTARTER, me personally, I prefer taking my coffee out of the bed.

Written by Itay Paz

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