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September 21, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning & Happy Pause The World Day. Truth to be told that Al Bundy has tried already to pause and mute in the 80’s with no success 😀

A couple of things:

1) Trump agrees to Oracle-Walmart-TikTok deal but it is good to know these 5 cool TikTok alternatives.

2) YouTube gives you a look at how they treat the content you upload: educational, documentary, scientific, and artistic.

3) This week is the National Small Business Week with a Recovery, Adaptation, and Innovation free virtual conference starting tomorrow (September 22-24)

4) Get last-minute holiday shopping SEO tips and techniques for e-commerce sites.

Have an awesome week!
— Itay Paz


As more marketers & businesses using webinars, you need to make sure that you creating amazing webinars that rise above others.

Get these 41 tips on webinar strategy, planning, marketing, hosting, and presenting that can help you succeed.

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If you want to build a business online, Amazon FBA could be a great idea. With Amazon’s Fulfillment Service (Fulfillment by Amazon), you can focus on your entire marketing activities and let Amazon do the hard work for you.

However, you’ve to pay Amazon FBA fees if you go for Fulfillment by Amazon. And these fees may be too high for a new online seller who is just starting out. So what you may want to consider Amazon FBA alternatives.

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Whether you just started a Facebook Ads campaign or you’ve been running it for years, you always want to get the best results in your campaigns and maximize the ROI.

Supercharge your campaigns and get an advantage over your competitors with these Facebook ad tools for design, automation, analytics, and more.

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YouTube Offers New Ad Tools To Help Marketers Tap Into the Rise in YouTube Viewership (Social Media Today)

Are Search Engines Dead In China? (SEW)

The 6 Best Digital Strategy Companies of 2020 (Neil Patel)

Six Brand Case Studies That Proved The Value Of Storytelling (Econsultancy)

Spammers Use Hexadecimal IP Addresses To Evade Detection (ZDNet)

Cloudflare Will Use The Internet Archive To Boost Redundancy (Techradar)

Why Your Agency Should Use White Label Landing Pages (ShortStack)


Source: YouTube

Instagram is a force to be reckoned with. Millions of entrepreneurs are taking advantage of its selling power, from service providers to nonprofits to dropshipping ecommerce business owners.

You may be asking yourself: How do people make money on Instagram? Can I pull it off myself? How is selling on Instagram different from other types of ecommerce business?

Discover these 5 business models to make money on Instagram.

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If you’re genuinely interested in having better, catchier, and awesome-r blog titles for your already great content, we have good news for you: it’s easier than you think it is.

Using the right formulas that are based on data and psychology analysis, you can start writing catchy blog titles that will boost traffic by 438%.

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