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October 30, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning & Happy Halloween!

This weekend is the first time we celebrate Halloween while the COVID-19 is almost everywhere.

Alexa, trick or treat? Amazon released smart home tricks & spooky stories, here are some of the ways Amazon Devices and Ring can help set the mood for Halloween at home.

I couldn’t resist from sharing with you the funniest Amazon Alexa Commercial where Alexa Loses Her Voice and what happens when chef Gordon Ramsey helps you to cook dinner! (Hilarious!)

What’s happening:

1) Google Drive’s most annoying & frustrating problem has finally been fixed.

2) Nitro PDF suffers massive data breach, exposing Microsoft, Google, Amazon documents.

3) Amazon is turning Audible into a true podcast app, but it’s got a long way to go.

4) Grab the publishers’ guide to planning online events.

5) 10 horrifying marketing fears & how to turn them into successes.

6) Twitter, Facebook, Google reportedly to tell Senate new content rules would destroy expression on the Internet.

7) Microsoft Teams usage jumps 50 percent to 115 million daily active users.

8) The BEST Team Building Activity – This EXPLODED our company!!!

Have an awesome weekend!
Itay Paz


If you’ve done any guest posting before, you know the pain.

Guest posting is a massive time-suck. Unless you’re a big name who gets a ton of inbound requests to do guest posts, it requires a consistent, concerted effort to find and secure guest blogging opportunities.

Many times, the solution to secure guest posting opportunities consistently is cold outreach. But how do you scale that effectively?

Here is what I’ve learned after sending 110 cold emails with guest blog request.

Read more here.


Have you been thinking about how to use LinkedIn for marketing? Are you already using LinkedIn for your business? cracking LinkedIn for promoting your business is not rocket science, but it can be challenging if you don’t know how or where to start.

As in the case of using any other social channel for business, the key steps to success on LinkedIn boil down to consistency, sharing insightful content, and engaging with your target audience.

Discover how to use LinkedIn to promote your business, LinkedIn marketing best practices and the 19 LinkedIn marketing tactics for building a brand.

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What Is LinkedIn Marketing?


Source: Google Ads

Google Ads extensions are a no brainer when it comes to adding extra information and benefits to ad copy in search engine marketing campaigns. They don’t increase your existing cost-per-click and in many cases, it can actually help decrease it.

While there are many different types of ad extensions, not all of them will make sense to your business, for example, app extensions will not make sense to your business unless you own an app or the objective of the campaign is to drive app downloads.

Callouts, on the other hand, can be applied to any business and any type of offer.

Read more here.

Additional Link:

What Are Callouts?


Navigating business processes in the new normal can bring many challenges for businesses that are aiming to gain more brand recognition. The visibility factor of brick-and-mortar stores, billboards, and posters are no longer the most effective marketing tool to get exposure.

In the past, marketing campaigns used multiple platforms to gain brand awareness. In today’s climate, it is almost now entirely reliant on online platforms. What this means is now more than ever is it important to adopt more effective customer engagement strategies in order to appeal to your target market — who may not have heard of you yet.

Explore these 10 strategies to help your brand gain traction in the new normal to continuously thrive in the consumer business.

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