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August 27, 2020

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Source: Flickr

CVS has pitched ad buyers and marketers on a new ad network, which will be known as the CVS Media Exchange, according to two buyers who asked for anonymity. The offering will be fully managed services with ad placements on, including display and search, as well as off-site placements on Google, Facebook and Instagram that use CVS data.

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Source: Facebook

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on the status of Facebook Shops, which it first announced would be ‘coming soon’ back in May. But today, Facebook has unloaded a bunch of new updates for its eCommerce tools, which will provide businesses with more ways to connect with customers, and sell direct on both Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s what’s been announced: First off, Facebook’s rolling out a new ‘Shop’ tab in Facebook: “a new place to discover businesses and shop for products in the Facebook app”.

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Source: Google

Google has launched a new AdSense reporting page, the company announced Tuesday. The new Reports page will be rolling out in phases and it could be up to two weeks before it reaches all publishers.

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You should always aspire to have your domain clean and not blacklisted as it can cause you issues with your email marketing, not being able to get into the inboxes as well as being blocked by scam & spam blockers preventing from traffic to actually get to your website and turning a red alarm to users.

You need to check if your domain is blacklisted.

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Choosing the best possible domain name for your website is absolutely critical. Your domain name is something that deserves hours, if not days, of thought, and it’s no exaggeration to say that, in some circumstances, making the wrong choice can break a business. In short: Choosing a domain name is something every website owner needs to ensure they get right — ideally before they do anything else, and ESPECIALLY if the website will be serving you for a long term for a commercial purpose.

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Source: Sprout Social

Reddit is the epicenter of all things viral online with billions of visits per month and 430+ million active users, the platform represents one of the most engaged communities online.

If you’re curious about marketing on Reddit, it is totally understandable why.

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Source: Social Media Examiner

Most marketers do not know what is the difference between @mentioning an account versus tagging an account and this difference could be the difference on how many people actually see your posts.

If you’re using Instagram tags effectively, you will get more people to see your Instagram posts.

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