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💰 Another Security Vulnerability Affecting +1 Million Websites
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December 21, 2020

Morning Dough

Source: Klear – Top 10 industries engaging in sponsored collaborations in 2020

3) Walmart partners with TikTok for livestream shopping in-app.

4) Oracle uncovers large CTV ad fraud operation.

5) Seven underrated Google Analytics features that boost performance.

6) 4 of the worst content campaigns in history (and lessons to learn from them).

7) Snapchat’s most inspiring AR campaigns of 2020.

8) PayPal Plus and Stripe form part of new e-commerce infrastructure.

9) 5 ways to ace your YouTube SEO strategy for 2021.

10) How to use heatmaps to level up your content marketing game.

11) A Facebook bug exposed Instagram users’ personal email addresses and birthdays.

12) Google tests interactive search results.

Source: SEJ

13) Google: We do not prioritize crawling, indexing or ranking by platform.

14) The secret of successful viral marketing and advertising campaigns.

15) Google Shopping vs Facebook Ads for your e-commerce store.

16) Shopping for a beauty product gets new Google ‘Try-It’ interface.

17) Google fully explains what caused Monday’s multi-service outage.

18) How to find your brand voice on Twitter.

19) Google: Websites with any adult content won’t show rich results.

20) Five mobile games that broke the $1 billion revenue barrier this year.

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