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June 29, 2020

Morning Dough


Happy Monday and Happy National Hugging Day. A new week begins, give your loved ones a great hug…

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Morning Dough Google Gives News Publishers 80% Of The Ad Revenue
Morning Dough Bing Brings Visual Search To Product Ads
Morning Dough Hackers Use Google Analytics to Steal Credit Cards
Morning Dough Growing Your Business & Website By Going Viral
Morning Dough Now Sending: Business Messages Via Google Maps & Search

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Google: News Publishers Are Getting 80% Of The Ad Revenue Via Programmatic

Source: Google

Google today stated that news publishers using Google Ad Manager are keeping over 80 percent of the revenue, when an ad is shown programmatically through Ad Manager.

Google Ad Manager is the Adserver normally used by publishers that sell ads programmatically or directly to advertisers.

Adsense, Google’s platform for small publishers, is taking a cut of 32%. In general, more 12% than Google Ad Manager while when ads are sold directly, just using the ad serving technology, news publishers keep over 99 percent of the revenue.

Read more here.

Bing Brings Visual Search To Product Ads

Source: Bing

Bing brings visual search to product ads that is currently available for clothing and shoes only, allowing the users to upload images or click on products result to shop for visually similar items.

Read more here.

Try Something New For 30 Days To Achieve Your Goals

Is there something you’ve always meant to do, wanted to do, but just … haven’t? Matt Cutts, the first appointed as acting administrator of the United States Digital Service suggests: Try it for 30 days. This short, lighthearted talk offers a neat way to think about setting and achieving goals.

Watch the Ted Talk here.

Grow Your Business & Website By Running Viral Giveaway Campaigns, Viral Contests & Viral Product Launches!

Source: UpViral

Upviral is probably the best viral referral marketing tool that helps you to grow your business or website by running viral giveaway campaigns, viral contests & viral product launches with a simple interface an implementation process.

UpViral rewards & sweepstakes are the fastest way to grow your business online – The Morning Dough is using UpViral’s system to give you rewards as you refer new & relevant subscribers to the newsletter. 

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Hackers Use Google Analytics to Steal Credit Cards

Source: (SEJ)

Hackers are using Google Analytics to steal credit cards, passwords, IP addresses – basically everything shared with a hacked site. Once the site has been compromised, the attacker uploads code that siphons off information that users share on the site, like passwords and credit card numbers.

You should check the Google Analytics code is on your site to make sure it was completely replaced then that would be noticed because the analytics would be reporting no traffic.

Read more here.


What Is A Freemium?
A combination of the words “Free” and “Premium” the term freemium is a type of business model that involves offering customers both complementary and extra-cost services. It begins with a simple and basic services for free for the user and more advanced services or additional features at a premium.

A great example is Zapier services as shown below.

Now Sending: Business Messages Via Google Maps And Search

Source: Google

Google is expanding Business Messages in Maps and Search to support all kinds of businesses, and giving them the ability to integrate Business Messages directly with their customer service platforms.

Read more here.


Microsoft is closing all of its retail stores for good (The Verge)

Google will now auto-delete your location history after 18 months (SEL)

Is your business ready to start using LinkedIn Ads? (Marketing Land)

Google lets businesses highlight their online services (SEJ)

Slack promised to kill email, and Slack Connect might just do it (The Verge)

YouTube showcases top ad campaigns as part of its 2020 NewFronts presentation (Social Media Today)

James Corden And The Muppets Having A Singalong Is 3 Minutes Of Pure Joy

Source: YouTube

The Muppets may not be fans of James Corden’s jokes, but they’re definitely fans of a singalong.

Written by Itay Paz

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