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August 31, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning. Three things happened this weekend:

1) Apple is getting real about search & about to taking on Google.

2) Walmart teams with Microsoft on TikTok bid, eyeing e-commerce, advertising opportunity.

3) Users called new Facebook design a nightmare (I have to agree – sometimes you need to follow this saying: “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It”).

I myself Love Mondays 😊

Don’t miss the awesome online marketing updates and content from this weekend.

Have an awesome week!
— Itay Paz



Every day brings new questions about the state of digital advertising in times of coronavirus outbreak. It may be confusing to make sense of the abundance of information and news coming at us from all angles, trying to source what’s the most relevant to your business right now.

The coronavirus pandemic is currently impacting all spheres of our lives. Bearing in mind the scale and significance of the virus outburst, many issues cannot and won’t be treated lightly. This means a lot of changes and certain limitations imposed on various businesses, affiliate marketing is no exception. But what are those changes, or the said limitations?

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Source: Instapage

You’ve narrowed your keywords, written compelling ad text, and created a great landing page. But when you check your Google Ads Quality Score, you find it’s below average.

Don’t panic. Though a low Quality Score can translate to wasted ad budget and poor campaign performance, there’s lots you can do to improve it – once you improve it you’ll start getting more clicks and usually even lower CPC.

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Think removing backgrounds from photos is a fiddly task taking a lot of time and attention to detail? Even with the most professional software? is a super simple & free tool allowing you to cut out images in just 5 seconds, without a single click, 100% automatically.

Go to here.


Source: DigitalMarketer

Images: they give a post visual context, they break up the large blocks of text, they make a post look way better, they…

…Add to the SEO and ranking of a post?

Yes. In fact, image optimization can make a huge difference in whether your post is ranking at the top of the SERPS.

But how do you optimize an image? Hint: it’s not color correction or cropping.

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Source: Agora Plus

An infographic is more than just pictures and text, combining images and texts that work together to present an idea clearly.

Discover how to make an infographic that gets spread far and wide on social media.

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Source: SEJ

If you want to rank higher in Google and get more organic traffic to your website, you might have read that increasing your website authority is the solution.

However, the truth is that while increasing website authority is never a bad thing, increasing the score itself shouldn’t be your primary focus.

Instead, you should focus on what causes the score to rise: that’s high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites.

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