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October 19, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning & Happy Adjust Your Chair Day.

It sounds like a silly thing for a special day, but it is for real…

1) I love Johnny English Reborn with the Sinking Chair (hilarious!)

2) A few weeks back we’ve published how you can create your perfect home office desk setup, if you’ve missed it, check it out now.

A few things happening:

1) Google killed one of its most popular SEO features ahead of Black Friday.

2) Rumored TikTok takeover by Oracle and Walmart would affect mobile ad decisions for 73% of marketers.

3) How COVID-19 will affect content marketing for the next 18-24 months.

4) You can now hum into Google Search and it will find the song.

5) Google tests ads in Google Maps autocomplete predictions.

Source: Twitter

Have an awesome week!
Itay Paz


Prime Day came to life for customers on July 15, 2015 as a way to celebrate Prime members on Amazon’s 20th birthday. Amazon continue to innovate on behalf of the customer with Prime Day growing each year.

Prime Day 2020 highlights

Independent third-party sellers—most of whom are small- and medium-sized businesses—surpassed $3.5 billion in sales on Prime Day—a nearly 60% increase over Prime Day 2019, growing even more than Amazon’s retail business.

Top-selling categories for third-party sellers include Bedding, Wireless Accessories, Nutrition & Wellness, Arts, Crafts & Sewing, and Health Care.

Tens of millions of customers supported small businesses in the two-week lead-up to Prime Day, generating more than $900 million in sales for small- and medium-sized businesses included in the Spend $10, Get $10 promotion.

Discover how and why Prime Day came to be and the impact and scale of the event for customers, small businesses, and sellers on Amazon from 2015 until today.

Read more here.


Source: eMarketer

Total US digital ad spending is forecasted to grow just 1.7% this year, a steep decline from the rapid expansion of recent years. However, within this generally stagnant growth picture lies a variety of industry-level outcomes. Several verticals we track will still produce relatively standout increases in spending, while others will contract at unprecedented rates.

While nearly every industry in the US will experience slowdowns in digital ad spend this year, the retail industry will stay above water thanks to its accelerated embrace of ecommerce. eMarketer expects it to remain the largest spender on digital ads among all verticals, despite a huge deceleration in growth. The industry will increase spending by 3.1% to $28.23 billion.


1) Google is beginning the forced migration from Hangouts to Chat next year, The Verge

2) The Importance of Shipment Insurance During the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season, Big Commerce

3) Google Search significantly improving ‘Did you mean’ spell correction, using passage ranking to find buried answers, Google

4) 5 Content Campaigns That Changed the Way I Saw Marketing, Contently

5) Bing revamps Site Explorer in new Bing Webmaster Tools, SEL

6) Five excellent tips to optimize SEO for Bing – not Google, SEW

7) Google will disapprove out of stock products from data feed when in stock on site

8) Luck & learning from failures led this entrepreneur to make $100k from bubble tea plush toys, Oberlo


One of the best ways to learn is to look at examples of other people who have done it right. When it comes to Facebook advertising, seeing brands that have hit it out of the park can give you the inspiration you need to make your own ads soar. Here are six examples of successful Facebook ads, plus why they work so well from: Starbucks, Shopify, Restream, Lyft, Blinkist and Asana.

Read more here.


Source: sellcoursesonline

Visual learning has always been an important part of our learning process, but the emergence of the internet and the subsequent growth of online learning has brought it to the center of our learning experience.

Most of the successful online courses today use videos, infographics, presentations, etc. as the primary learning format, and there is a good reason behind it.

There is enough research that supports the argument that it is faster, easier, and more effective to learn visually.

View Complete Infographics here.

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