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October 9, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning & Submarine Sandwich Day. Everybody loves a good sandwich, I know I do.

The longest sandwich in the world measured 735 m (2,411 ft 5 in) in 2011, in Lebanon. It 800 people over 22 hours to make it.

A few things happening:

1) 15 Stats about Amazon’s super fast shipping and delivery service.

2) Facebook deletes Trump post calling COVID-19 ‘less lethal’ than flu, Twitter adds warning label.

3) Snapchat expands ‘first commercial’ video ad takeovers nationwide.

4) Get your business ready for what comes next.

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Source: YouTube

If you don’t know what Quora is, it’s a highly successful Q and A website with over 500 million visitors every month, coming to get answers to their questions or provide answers to other people’s questions.

When analyzing for traffic, you see hundreds of thousands of organic keywords it ranks for.

So how exactly they are doing it and how you can get millions of visitors to your website like Quora every month?

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Wine connoisseurs and link building experts have one thing in common – both require years of training and experience in their disciplines.

You need to taste and know by heart the various types of wines to recognize the nuances of feelings each one brings.

And the same goes for links.

You need to get your hands dirty on building tons of links to recognize the power of each links and to start realizing why some links are not worth your effort.

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1) App developers see revenues from in-app purchases outpace advertising revenues (Sensor Tower estimated that global app revenues from purchases rose by 23.4% year-over-year in H1 2020. Of the $50.1 billion generated by in-app purchases, $36.6 billion came from within games, a 21.2% YoY increase).

2) Facebook is rolling out a number of updates to groups, including expanding the reach of public group conversations.

3) Instagram brings shopping to Reels, IGTV as commerce commands social spotlight

4) How to optimize ads for achieving business goals without losing money.

5) How to build a following by simply sharing other people’s content.

6) Discover the 8 best WordPress caching plugins (already tested and compared for you).

7) Discover the best 5 tutoring plugins for WordPress.


Good website content is what keeps people coming back to your website to engage with it. The idea of “good content” can be vague, however. Not everyone is sure what content strategy for a website they should adopt. When you create your website, you aren’t doing it for yourself. You’ll enjoy the benefits of having a website, of course, but the website itself needs to be built around people using it.

Why is content strategy for a website important?

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Back in August, consumer online shopping trended on Quora, bringing attention to new, pandemic-based user behaviors. While those data points were US-specific, even Quora is now seeing a global shift towards ECommerce content. B2B ECommerce, in particular, trended these past two weeks.

Online Businesses (+1,256%), Multivendor E-Commerce (+1,107%), and E-Business (+1,029%) experienced the strongest answer view increases. It’s no surprise that platforms like Shopify and Flipkart also had a 102% and 64% view increase, respectively.

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