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December 22, 2020

Morning Dough

3) Millions of Chrome or Edge users have installed these 28 malicious extensions.

4) Facebook building cameo-inspired tool to let fans pay celebrities for face time.

5) How to easily measure marketing ROI with a simple formula and a template.

6) 6-second mobile video ads now as effective as longer ones.

7) 12 best editing tools for bloggers.

8) Microsoft aims to kill off passwords in 2021.

9) Twitter relaunching verified accounts in 2021.

10) How to manage a data-driven content marketing calendar.

11) The cost of being the boss: what business owners spend in their first year.

12) How to use On-SERP SEO to increase brand awareness & CTR.

13) Fleets: everything you need to know about Twitter’s disappearing Tweets.

14) Watch out Zoom, WhatsApp for desktop could soon support video conferencing.

15) 6 Advanced affiliate marketing strategies to try.

16) Latest iOS update shows all the ways Facebook tracks you. There are a lot.

17) 6 learn from Fiverr courses for aspiring influencers & streamers amid Covid-19.

18) 6 mistakes to avoid with your digital edition strategy in 2021.

19) Survey says: Almost half of Americans claim they own cryptocurrency.

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