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Yuron is a social media video platform aims to authentically connect people in a new way of threaded selfies conversations, where users ask questions and answer them by posting short video clips of themselves.

Imagine a place that rewards honesty and co-creation. With more emotion and empathy. Where curiosity is power. How much more fun would that be? How many more people would take part?

That place is YurOn.

YurOn is allowing you to share a narrowed prism of ourselves, watching more than contributing, losing ourselves in the crowd, creating a super authentic interaction environment.

The concept is intended to reduce unfulfilling scrolling, posting to gain vanity metrics, and hiding behind fake names and text comments by posting videos of yourself.

The platform was created to avoid the “narrowed prism of ourselves, watching more than contributing.” It wanted to be the platform to encourage authentic interaction.

The company wants to build a system to strengthen the shared relationships you care about. The community can then join and share experiences that matter to each person.

On YurOn, browse to a question you would like to answer and post a video clip. Anyone in the YurOn community can reply, too, creating a video thread. You have 30 seconds of video to start a conversation, post an Ask Me Anything (AMA), or co-create a skit.

How to Download YurOn App?
To download the YurOn app, click here.

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