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Using Google Trends to Identify Social Media Opportunities

Source: Jon Loomer

The world of advertising on Facebook and Instagram is dynamic. Managing effective ads requires constant learning, testing, and optimization. Marketers should utilize available data sources – particularly free sources – to better understand how the social platform landscape is shifting. We can use Google search data (via Google Trends) to identify social media opportunities – especially related to advertising.

To help make this process easier, we’ve developed a dashboard that captures and compiles a variety of search data — all based on Google Trends. You can access that resource here. This article highlights context for the dashboard and guides advertisers on how to approach using Google Trends as a powerful resource in their toolkit.

There are countless potential applications for using the information available from Google Trends. The dashboard we’ve provided is intended as a starting point for understanding generalities of how search trends can inform us about what’s occurring in the social media advertising landscape. Hopefully, the search data tool is useful for quickly identifying opportunities for social media. Or, at least to serve as the starting point for a deeper dive.

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