Reddit has purchased Video Platform Dubsmash

Source: Reddit

Reddit has announced the purchase of the fast-growing video platform Dubsmash adding it to its team in its efforts to grow the Reddit communities come together for authentic exchanges about the topics that matter to them.

Video is increasingly core to how people want to connect, and as we continue to grow Reddit community, they are committed to providing the best possible tools users need to find, create, and interact with one another through video.

Reddit is excited to announce that Reddit has acquired short-form video social platform Dubsmash.

Dubsmash’s mission is to elevate under-represented creators. They have built a beautiful and fun product that enables their users to create unique, dynamic, interactive content. While Dubsmash will maintain its own platform and brand, they also look forward to bringing theur teams together to combine the unique creator experience of Dubsmash with the community growth engine of Reddit.

Dubsmash will bring two key strengths to Reddit. First, Dubsmash’s mission is unique among social platforms and is aligned with Reddit’s own mission of bringing community and belonging to everyone in the world. Just as Reddit is a place for content you won’t see anywhere else on the Internet, Dubsmash provides a welcoming platform for creators and users who are under-represented in social media.

Second, we will integrate Dubsmash’s innovative video creation tools into Reddit, which will empower Reddit’s own creators to express themselves in original and authentic ways that are endemic to our communities.

Dubsmash’s communities are driven by young, diverse creators—about 25 percent of all Black teens in the U.S. are on Dubsmash, and females represent 70 percent of users. About 30 percent of users log in every day to create video content, indicating a high level of retention and engagement, and Dubsmash enables more than one billion video views per month, demonstrating the strength of its communities.

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