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Top Off-Page SEO Techniques (According to 98 SEOs)

We may not know all of Google’s ranking factors, but we know that links are at the top and links are 100% off-page SEO.

But off-page SEO is tricky because you have less control over it. You can update your content as often as you want, making it better and more comprehensive. You can fix every technical SEO issue that exists on your site.

Getting other sites, people, and publications to link to or mention your brand—on the other hand—is a different beast altogether.

Why Is Off-Page SEO Important?
When it comes to ranking on search engines, many factors come into play, but among one of the most important are off-page attributes such as your website’s authority and trustworthiness.

Your website gains authority through different types of backlinks. In order to improve your website’s authority, websites that link back to you or reference your product and services should be from the same niche.

Each backlink counts to search engines as a positive vote, especially if these websites have high domain authority.

To find out how, we spoke with 98 SEO experts to find out what off-page SEO techniques they use to build their domain authority, earn more backlinks, and drive increasing amounts of traffic to their sites.

Discover the 35 off-page SEO techniques that nearly 100 marketers use to build domain authority, earn backlinks, and drive more traffic to their sites.

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