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Link Building Case Study: How We Built Backlinks With a ‘Stats’ Page (And Ranked #1)

Source: ahrefs

A few months ago, ahrefs created an impressive list of SEO statistics.

It might look like a relatively standard post, but they strategically created it to attract links from an outreach campaign. And it worked. They sent 515 emails and got 36 backlinks from 32 websites.

Given that we put a lot of effort into this campaign and only came away with backlinks from 32 websites, you might question whether blogger outreach is still worth the effort. Luckily, the answer to this question is simple: of course it is.

Backlinks are still an important ranking signal, and there’s just no other way to build high-quality white-hat links without outreach. Although we executed this campaign over a few weeks, it’s also worth noting that it wasn’t all that complicated to set up. If we were to do it again, assuming that we had someone vetting prospects and finding contact information, we think we could set up the entire campaign in one working day.

Discover why they chose a statistics page, how they created the page and built links to it, detailed results from the campaign and how they could have improved our results.

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