How to Rank and Drive Traffic from Google Discover?

How to Rank and Drive Traffic from Google Discover?

Source: Google Discover

Learn how to get any website rank high on Google Discover and get traffic from this amazing Google tool that is automatically generating, and highly personalized mobile feed based on your online activity.

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover, a tool of the Google Corporation, is an automatically generated and highly personalized mobile feed based on your online activity. It shows information and news about the topics that interest you, like SEO or golf.

It’s more like a social network than a search engine, but your search activity and history is crucial for providing a relevant and timely feed.

Millions of people see a personalized Google Discover feed on their mobile devices every day, and it’s become a solid source of traffic for many websites since its introduction in 2018. This is especially true for news and media outlets, many of which now get the bulk of their organic traffic from Discover.

How Google Discover Generates Your Feed?

To become a great SEO, you need to know how search engines work. And we need to understand the same with Discover.

According to Google, they use the following data to generate the feed:

Your activity across all Google products (e.g., your search activity, watched YouTube videos, and engagement with Discover results):

1) Location history.

2) Location settings.

3) Topics you follow.

Do you see the similarity to social networks now? The feed reflects your hobbies, current interests, and everything else in the world relevant to you. It’s so personalized that it even considers your level of expertise and how important that topic is to you.

How to drive Google Discover Traffic?

First of all, don’t spend too much time proactively trying to chase Discover clicks unless you’re already far along with your SEO efforts. Most people will be better off prioritizing standard organic traffic. News sites are the exception, but you already know that if you work for one.

Optimizing for Google Discover is an SEO topic that surpasses anything else in terms of uncertainty. The only available data is in your Google Search Console. You can’t analyze your competitors, and so the scale of your research is quite limited.

However, some content might not even make it into the feed despite doing all the right things. As with almost everything in SEO, you can’t guarantee that X will do Y; it’s all about increasing your chances of a desirable outcome.

Best Google Discover Tips

Luckily, there are a few official tips on increasing the likelihood of getting your content into Discover, which I cover below together with our unique insights. But first, know that indexed content needs to adhere to content policies to be eligible to appear in Discover. Only then should you focus on the following areas to increase the likelihood of being featured:

1) Have a mobile-friendly website.

2) Use unique high-quality images.

3) Align your content and metadata.

4) Publish content about popular topics.

5) Work on your E‑A-T.

6) Focus on entities.

7) Become a Knowledge Graph entity.

8) Create buzz with your content distribution.

9) Periodically refresh your content.

10) Embed your YouTube videos into articles.

11) Try Web Stories.


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