What is Search Intent?

What is Search Intent?

What is Search Intent?
Search intent is a marketing terms that describes the real reason behind a person’s search focusing on the ‘why’ this search was done using search engines. For example, when you type Playmobile into the search engine, your intention might be to find the Playmobile official website, but it could be that your search intent was to find instructional videos about assemble a Playmobile new set.

What are the Types of Search Intent?
There are four types of search intent: namely Navigational, Informational, Transactional and Commercial Intent.

Why is Search Intent Important?

How to do a Search Intent Analysis?
You need to start with the search for each keyword in your preferred search engine. The search engine will probably bring up results which share a common “search intent”.

You then need to determine which of these three categories the results fall into: definition, consideration or conversion.

Definition is where the user just wants to find basic factual information about a topic.

Consideration is where the user is researching different purchase options.

And conversion is where the user is searching for a particular product with the intention to buy.

Once you have labelled each keyword with its search intent – i.e. definition, consideration or conversion – then you can write customized content that is tailored to the user’s search intent.

If you have a multilingual website, it’s important to use native speakers when carrying out the search intent analysis and writing the customized content.

This will ensure that your content sounds natural and is tailored to appeal to that particular target market.

It can also be helpful if the search intent is not clear – native speakers will be able to conduct further research and provide more insight into what you can do about these mixed intent signals.

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