What Is a Press Release?

What Is a Press Release?

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is an official statement given by a company, business or individual to journalists, usually about important event that has just happened recently, happening now or will happen in the very near future.

Why Should You Send A Press Release?

There are several reasons why companies, businesses or individuals are sending press releases:

1) To build a reputation as the press release is many times get exposure a huge audience worldwide.

2) To gain media coverage as the press release is published by the journalists on multiple media platforms as well as dedicated press releases websites.

3) To control a crisis event as it allows the entity to share their story first, as it is making sure it is published the way they want, when things go wrong.

4) To gain an SEO boost as many times the media and press releases websites are generating backlinks to your website as well as traffic & visitors.

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