What Are Backlinks

What Are Backlinks

Backlinks is a hyperlink created from one webpage on a website to another page on a different website (URL) and is one of the top factors for a website ranking on search engines.

The process of creating these backlinks is called link building and usually done by a professional SEO person or by backlinks expert.

Why Are Backlinks Important For Your Website?

Backlinks have two main purposes:

1) Backlinks pass an equity/authority from one website page to another website page, which helps the search engines to understand the value of a webpage or a domain within the process of indexing the webpage and the ranking.

2) When backlinks created as a hyperlink on a keyword phrase, they indicate to both the users and the search engines what this page is all about.

What Are Good Backlinks?

Good backlinks are links that are created in a natural way adding value to the user and were from a website that is considered by the search engines to have value to its visitors. These good backlinks can help you get more traffic from the linking website and also from the search engines as part of you generating good backlinks with your SEO strategy.

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