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Local SEO For Multiple Locations

Done right, city pages can be an integral part of your local SEO strategy. The question business owners, SEO experts and marketers asking is how to target and optimize them for local search?

You’ve seen it a ton of times: keywords targeting a specific city such as “Plumber in Austin”, “Flower shop in Newark” and “Best pizza in Rockford”.

Which gets you thinking: If you can rank for a keyword that targets multiple cities, will that help your SEO?

Enter, local SEO.

We’ll explore here how it can actually hurt you and learn how to do it right so it helps you instead.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

If local SEO can potentially “hurt” you, why do it at all? here are two good reasons:

1) Local SEO Attracts Foot Traffic

2) Local SEO Ranks You Higher on Google

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