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How to Efficiently Write the Perfect Meta Description

Source: Ahrefs

The meta description is an HTML attribute used to describe what a page is about. It can appear in search results as a snippet under the title tag to provide more context.

Even though the meta description attribute is not a ranking factor and Google shows it in search results only 62.78% of the time, it’s still a part of on-page SEO that content publishers often encounter.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create great meta descriptions fast and how to audit them efficiently. But first, let me explain why meta descriptions still matter despite their seemingly low SEO importance.

* Why meta descriptions still matter
* How to write a meta description
* How to prioritize meta description creation and editing
* Great meta description examples
* Why meta descriptions still matter

Having a compelling meta description entices more people to click on your website in the search results. That’s important, even though Google only shows meta descriptions in 37% of the time.

For example, if your page gets 50,000 impressions a month, Google shows the meta description for 18,500 of those impressions on average. Increasing your CTR from 4% to just 4.5% in this instance would result in almost 100 more clicks.

So while you shouldn’t obsess over meta descriptions, it’s still worth spending a minute of your time on pages where ‘yes’ is the answer to at least one of these questions:

Is the page meant to drive organic traffic?

Is it likely to be shared on social media?

That second question probably needs an explanation

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