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How Many Internal Links Does A Post Have? Find Out The Easy Way!

Source: yoast

Do you wonder how often you link to a certain post? Or how many outgoing links it has? If you don’t, you should. Because if you want a post to rank, you should link to it from related content. And, if it’s an important post, you should link to it more often. But how do you find out how many links a post has? With Yoast SEO’s text link counter, it’s easy: it counts the number of internal text links from and to your post.

Why Are Links Important?

Google follows links. The result of Google following links is that the internal linking structure of your site determines how Google crawls your site. Posts and pages that are linked to more often, are crawled more frequently than posts and pages with few (internal) links. The same goes for visitors: pages and posts that have many links referring to them, get more visitors. If you forget to link to a specific blog post, nobody (Google included) will be able to find it.

A well-crafted internal linking structure is therefore crucial for your users and SEO. That’s why you’ll find some great features in our Yoast SEO plugin that will help you keep your site structure up to scratch, such as the text link counter. This counter helps you keep track of what pages could use some more attention when it comes to internal linking.

What Does Yoast SEO’s Text Link Counter Do?

The text link counter counts the internal text links concerning your posts. It consists of two different counters. The first counter counts the number of links in your post and the second counter counts the number of links to your post. This might sound like a simple feature, but it’s actually very useful and actionable when used right. These counters can help you improve the structure of your site and help users and Google navigate your pages.

Where Do I Find The Text Link Counter?

You can find the Yoast SEO text link counter in your post overview. In this overview, you’ll see the two Yoast bullets telling you how this post scores in terms of SEO and readability. Next to these two bullets, you can find two additional columns. The first column shows the number of internal links in your post – and the second one shows the number of internal links to your post:

How Many (Internal) Links Do You Need?

How many links do you need? Can you have too many links? We get these questions a lot. And we always like to answer this question from a user’s perspective: Add a link when the content it links to is of interest to the reader. Do you have blog posts on related topics? Link them in your text. Do you sell related products? Link to those. Do you have one exceptionally well-written, complete, and comprehensive article on the topic? Surely link to that!

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