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How To Set Up A Process That Helps You Build 600+ Links In One Month

Source: SEJ

Your read about the need to generate links: “the more (quality) links you make, the better” but making these links could be a hectic and costly process.

Putting a smart process in place, is a great way for you to generate massive amount of quality links each month with only one or two people doing a one-to-one outreach.

But the work started way before the actual project began, and you’ll be explained further about how to align the right resources to realize similar results.

Open rates on email campaigns can be lower, but you can expect them to be 10-25%.

This assumes you have an opt-in email list: link building has traditionally implemented cold email tactics, which holds a sub-5% open rate and even lower successful placement rates.

A micro-targeted outreach campaign can increase response rates for sure, but niche email outreach still isn’t enough to drive 600 links with two people in one month.

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