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How To Bid On Your Brand Name Based On Incrementality?

There are 4 steps to evaluate your investment of branded keywords – judge performance then segment and calculate incrementality and adjust your targets based on that incrementality.

Advertising on branded keywords is often misunderstood. Advertisers either take too much credit for branded keywords, or they deem the impact of branded keywords completely zero (Did eBay just prove that paid search ads don’t work?).

The question that is often asked: Should we invest in branded keywords?

However, the question we should ask: How much should we invest in branded keywords to have a positive incremental ROI?

In this article I will answer this question in 4 steps:

* How to judge the performance of your branded keywords
* How to segment your branded keywords
* How to calculate the incrementality of branded keywords
* Pulling it together: how to adjust your targets based on incrementality

There is a trend of rising ad spend on branded keywords because of growing competition, so it is ever more important to have a clear branded strategy.

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