What Is Inbox Zero

What Is Inbox Zero

What is Inbox Zero?
Inbox zero is the process to improve your inbox and the way you are using your emails by labeling, triaging and organizing your inbox with a system that helps you to bring your inbox to zero unread emails.

Who Invented Inbox Zero?
Inbox Zero system was first introduced by Merlin Mann, a productivity expert with the idea that zero means “the amount of time an employee’s brain is in his inbox.”

Merlin Mann introduces the inbox zero approach in a Google Tech Talk:

How does Inbox Zero Work?
Inbox Zero basic thought process is to do the following: delete, delegate, respond, defer and do.

Delete – You need to start deleting emails from your inbox putting in mind to take care of the emails on the spot on first read to clear the clutter from your inbox.

Delegate – Delegate tasks related to any specific email to someone else with the purpose of taking care of the tasks within the emails.

Respond – You read an email that requires a response, complete the task now and respond to it right away.

Defer – Put off to a later time a task tat related to an email and is not too important or needs an immediately attention.

Do – take care of anything that can be taken care of now, fast and in a short time without postponing it to a later date or time.

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