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How To Be Productive At Work?

Graham Allcott is a productivity coach and consultant, and author of the book How to be a Productivity Ninja. He’s also the host of the Beyond Busy podcast and the founder of Think Productive – a company that helps businesses make space for what matters and be more productive at what they do.

In these times when many people have partly or entirely switched to remote work, Graham shares his lessons on how to structure your workday, set clear productivity goals, and find tools that foster productivity.

8 Lessons from Graham Allcott to Work like a Productivity Ninja

Lesson 1: Come up with new routines for working remotely
Lesson 2: Learn to manage your attention wisely
Lesson 3: Think of the email inbox as the list of everyone else’s priorities (not yours)
Lesson 4: Set clear and specific productivity goals
Lesson 5: In remote work, find a balance between employee flexibility and collective experience
Lesson 6: Find a good “second brain” tool for projects
Lesson 7: Get an app that helps manage your relationship with your phone
Lesson 8: You can learn productivity (even if it’s not in your nature)

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