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Feeling Bored or Robotic? Here’s 19 New Things to Do Today

We’re creatures of habit.

This is mostly a good thing: we’re comfortable and content with our routines and it’s easy to fill our time with things we reliably enjoy.

But sometimes, we just need a change. This is especially true lately, when a lot of us have spent a lot of unexpected time in the confines of our homes.

So if you’re feeling like you want to mix things up and break your routine today, this is the article for you.

Here’s 19 new things to try that can add a breath of fresh air to your day. We kept it home-friendly in case you’re not quite in full adventure mode.

Here are just some of the things: go to your podcast player, type any word, and listen to the first result, find a box, fill it with stuff you don’t need, and donate it, Learn how to count to 10 in a new language, Sneak away and dance to your favorite song, Sneak away and sing your favorite song, sign up for a free online course and finish the first lesson and more.

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