What is Organic Traffic?

What is Organic Traffic?

What Is Organic Traffic?
Organic traffic is a marketing term for website’s traffic (visitors) sent by search engines such as Google and Bing and not created by any form of payment to the search engines.

When users type a query in a search engine, they are presented with a set of webpages results that are determined according to the webpages ranking by the search engines. A website can increase its organic traffic by implementing SEO strategies such as publish quality and relevant content.

What does Organic Traffic Mean?
Organic traffic means that a website is getting visitors from search engines without paying them for these organic visitors.

What is the Difference Between Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic?
Organic traffic refers to unpaid website traffic from search engine results. With paid traffic a website can be on the top results by paying to search engines without the need to implement SEO strategies.

How to Increase Organic Traffic by 850%?

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