What is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday?
Black Friday is a one-day event, a day after American Thanksgiving, where prices are marked down by up to 50%, allowing consumers to enjoy the best deals. While Black Friday is one day event, the price drop usually stays for 4 days until Cyber Monday.

Some businesses offer different types of discounts or Black Friday deals for each of the four days. For example, a fashion retailer may have 50 percent off everything on Black Friday, Buy One Get One Free on Saturday, 30 percent off Sweaters on Sunday, and 50 percent off online purchases on Monday.

Black Friday is considered to be the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season for consumers, meaning retailers often heavily promote their stores and mark down prices to entice shoppers to buy products both online and offline.

The 4 days of Black Friday through Cyber Monday are also called BFCM.

What does Black Friday Mean?
Black Friday may look business-driven, created by businesses for businesses, but the fact is that it is the consumers who actually started this frantic shopping event. It was first observed in the city of Philadelphia where there was always very high shoppers traffic to the stores the day after Thanksgiving.

When did Black Friday Start?
Though the original Black Friday, a term coined in 1961, actually had a lot less to do with shopping, today it’s an event that helps retailers move from red to black before the end of the year. Read our Black Friday facts to learn more about what makes this day special.

Why is Black Friday Marketing Important?
Black Friday is important to businesses as the online sales have grown scientifically to the point where they surpassed all previous records. This is a serious business holiday event that every business, company, merchant, advertiser and affiliate marketer are following and most, if not all, are participating.

What is Black Friday? Shopping Facts and More!

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