What is BFCM? Black Friday Cyber Monday

What is BFCM

BFCM is a marketing term, the initials of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a long weekend sales event of 4 days, starting on the day after American Thanksgiving until the following Monday. During the BFCM, prices are marked down by up to 50% both online and in physical retail stores, allowing consumers to enjoy the best deals.

What does BFCM Stand for?
BFCM is a marketing term that stand for Black Friday sales event and Cyber Monday sales event. BFCM is the biggest shopping period that starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving until Monday.

When did BFCM Start?
After Cyber Monday was introduced later in 2005, marketers have created the marketing term BFCM to simplify the way they refer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in business and in their marketing efforts.

At some point in history—exactly when is up for debate—shopping became as synonymous with American Thanksgiving as turkey and football. The day after Thanksgiving has been known, for as long as most of us can remember, as Black Friday. It’s a day of door crashers, deep discounts, and lineups around the block.

In the past decade, Cyber Monday joined the ranks to bring online stores into the fold.

To simplify, asking what is BFCM? The answer is Black Friday & Cyber Monday.