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What To Do With Negative Comments? 3 Foolproof Ways to Use Negative Comments on Social Media to Boost Your Sales

No one likes to be bad-mouthed, especially online on your social channels, where it’s out there in plain sight for all to read.

And when it comes to your business, negative comments could reflect poorly on your brand and, ultimately, cost you sales — yikes.

Over 50% of Americans have nixed their plans to purchase because of poor customer experience thus if you don’t manage your negative comments on social media properly, then it could be bad news for your revenue stream.

But, if you respond the right way, you can turn those negative comments around and avoid having to manage a social media crisis. In fact, you can leverage them to boost your sales.

That’s right — today, we’ve got three foolproof ways for you to use negative comments on social media to actually increase your sales.

Before we jump into those, though, let’s quickly cover why it’s important to manage the negative comments posted on your social channels.

Need to muster a quick response to a complaint or online snark?

You can use the fill-in-the-blank templates to craft clear responses to negative comments and deescalate the situation here.

Why is it Important to Manage Negative Comments on Social Media?

It’s important to manage negative comments on social media because chances are you’ll likely see more of them pop up.

Social media is increasingly becoming the preferred channel for consumer complaints, making customer service inquiries the norm on social media.

So much so that 47% of consumers use social media to complain about products and services, surpassing people who prefer to use email or phone.

What’s more, resolving customer complaints using social media costs you less than using a call center. In fact, if you use a call center to sort out your consumer complaints, it’ll cost you six times more than if you were to resolve them using your social channels.

Not only is it important to manage negative comments because you’ll likely see more consumer complaints posted on your social channels (and greater returns for answering them there), but you’ll also risk losing your customers if you ignore their comments.

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