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What Is Google Fundo? Google Unveils Fundo for Monetizing Video Events

Source: Google

Google announced a video event service called Fundo. Fundo helps video creators and small businesses monetize events. Creators can create events, set the event date and sell tickets.

What is Google Fundo?

Google Fundo is an online service that allows video creators to sell tickets to private events.

The service is frictionless because there are no apps or software to download. Everything happens on the Fundo site.

Google’s announcement promoted three kinds of events that creators can make on Fundo:

1) 1:1 Chat + Photos
2) Meet and Greets
3) Workshops

Audiences can browse or search for events on Fundo or an event can be created and a link to the event page can be used to publicize the event.

One End-To-End Platform

Virtual events, especially ticketed experiences, can be complicated. From scheduling to sign-ups, payment processing, communication and live streaming, there’s a lot to manage. Fundo makes it easy by providing a single end-to-end solution. Event hosts and their guests can do everything within the Fundo website, with no apps or additional software downloads required.

Customized Experiences

No two creators are the same, and no two audiences are the same. That’s why Fundo offers different types of experiences that can be adapted and customized. Creators can schedule an event in advance, or let fans request a time. They can meet one-on-one or in groups. They can invite co-hosts or take the stage solo.

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