What Are Shorteners

What Are Shorteners

What Are Shorteners?

URL shortener is a simple technique in which a webpage URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is made scientifically shorter, yet this URL shortener is still directs to the same required webpage.

What Are Shorteners Work?

URL shorteners work by a dedicated URL links system that when the user is browsing to the URL shortener, the hidden redirect system, redirects the user to the original webpage with the long URL.

What Is Google Short URL?

Google Short URL ( was a service the Google has provided the URL Shorteners system, which is not active anymore – Google has shutdown

What Is The Best URL Shorteners Alternative?

The most known URL Shorteneres alternative and the one which is the most used is, an external free web service for URL Shorteners.

Where URL Shorteners Are Used?

Shortened URLs are usually being used when you publish or send a long URL link to a webpage, for example on social media, SMS and sometimes also on emails.

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