What Are Keywords?

What Are Keywords

What Are Keywords?

A keyword is a word used as a search term that you want your specific webpage to be ranked on the top 10 on search results. Every page can have multiple keywords and the webpage is ranked differently for each one of these keywords.

What Is Keyword With Example?

Keyword example for a webpage that is providing information about knitting, could be “Knitting Instructions” or “Knitting History”, obviously according to the relevant information on the webpage.

What Are Keywords For SEO?

Keywords for SEO are the words or phrases that are used in your webpages to help people who search for information on the search engines, like Google or Bing to find your webpage with the relevant information. Optimizing your website with SEO keywords (and according to SEO best practices) can help you bring more users and traffic to your site.

How Do I Find Keywords?

You can find keywords using dedicated keywords tools. There are both free and paid keyword tools for you to choose from. The most common free tool is the Google Ads Keyword tool, also called Google Keyword Planner – you can find the Keyword Planer after you login into your Google Ads account.

What Are Keywords

Source: Google Ads

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