What is Real-Time Bidding?

What is Real-Time Bidding?

Real-time bidding, also known as RTB, is an online digital auction process in which ads’ impressions are sell and bought in real time while the website is loading. Similar to an auction, the one who bids highest wins the ad placement space on that web.

What are Real-Time Bidding Platforms?
Real-time bidding is facilitated by supporting platforms like:

* Supply-side platform
* Ad Exchanges

What is Real-Time Bidding Supply-side Platform?
A supply-side platform is a software used by the publishers to sell ad impressions to the potential bidders. It is an automated software work in real time.

What is Real-Time Ad Exchange?
Ad exchange is like a market with both sellers and buyers, where thousands of ad spaces are waiting to be sold and bought.

How does Real-Time Bidding Work?
It all starts when you visit some website. Just after clicking the website, the publisher sends the bid request to the supporting platforms like ad exchange.

The ad exchange then passes the bid request to the buyers (advertisers). The buyer who bids the highest amount wins the auction and its ad gets displayed on that website.

All this process (sending the buyer request, auctions and display of ad) takes place within milliseconds just after you click on some website. You should appreciate the efficiency of the system.

What is Real-Time Bidding Cost?
The cost of real-time bidding depends upon your target of the ad, such as location, keywords, age and interest.

The cost can be ranged somewhere between $2000 to $15000. But the bid depends upon Click per Impression also called as CPM. So, you can bid like $1 or $2.

Why is Real-Time Bidding Important?
Real-time bidding has equal benefits for both publishers and advertisers:

* Publisher can enjoy maximum amount per ad space and increase their revenue.
* Advertisers get a managed and efficient mean to focus on their target audience and boost their business.

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