What Is An Interstitial?

What Is An Interstitial?

What Are Interstitial Ads?

Interstitial meaning is the thing that is placed between layers: an advertisement that loads between two content pages.

Interstitial ads, that has different kinds such as video interstitial ads, are full-screen ad formats covering the interface of an app and appearing at natural app transition points like pausing a game. Users have the option to skip the ad if they want.

One of the most common interstitials is the pop-up ad. Another emerging format is a full-page ad that interrupts sequential content, forcing exposure to the advertisement before visitors can continue on their content path.

The main difference between banner ads and interstitial ads is that interstitial ads cover all the screen, and it makes it catchier and more effective. So, in a nutshell, answer to the “What is an interstitial ad?” question is they are full-screen ads that covers the app’s interface.

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