What is Earnings Per Click?

What is Earnings Per Click?

Earnings per click is a marketing term in online advertising to measure the advertising earnings for every click generated within this campaign, calculated by the total revenue of a marketing campaign divided by the number of clicks generating this revenue.

Why is Earnings Per Click Important?

According to Thomas McMahon, Senior Business Development Manager at ClickBank, there’s two ways to look at it. Earnings per click is essentially how much revenue has been generated based on how many clicks have been sent to a particular link or received on a particular link.

“You could be an affiliate sending traffic to an offer that you’re promoting, and the earnings per click is how much money you’ve made per click. So it’s the dollar amount of sales divided by the clicks you’ve sent… The reason why this is important from an affiliate’s perspective is that it’s a barometer for success.”

Earnings Per Click as a Versatile Metric

Earnings per click is a good metric to familiarize yourself with because of its versatility. Affiliates can monitor the success of any link with earnings per click. Using a common metric like this empowers affiliates to make decisions about offers they are promoting. Additionally, it allows them to nurture the ones they believe they can scale.

For example, if you’re an affiliate and you’re used to an earnings-per-click of $1 (that means you make $1 for every click you send), and you’re promoting an offer and only at an EPC of .80 cents, you can use this information to your advantage by bringing this stat to the vendor.


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