How to Make Money Blogging? Complete Guide in 2021

How to Make Money Blogging? Complete Guide in 2021

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Blogging started as a simple hobby but has transformed into a powerful way to capture search traffic and monetize an audience.

While many successful bloggers started years ago, it’s still possible to start a successful blog today. You just need to update your tactics.

My name is Adam Enfroy and I launched my new blog in 2019 to prove that it’s possible. With startup growth tactics, I scaled my blog to 500k monthly readers and over $80,000 per month in revenue.

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This ultimate guide covers the tactics you can use to start a blog like a business and in-depth strategies to make money blogging in 2021 and beyond.

Let’s get started with the following:

  1. Leverage Your Professional Experience
  2. Get the Right Web Hosting, Domain Name, and CMS
  3. Create a Content Strategy
  4. Have a Blog Business Plan
  5. Scale Your Blog by Boosting Your Blog’s Ranking
  6. Grow a Profitable Email List
  7. Pick Your Monetization Strategy

The Riches are in the Niches (So Choose Wisely)

Ultimately, launching a blog starts with planning. And that includes choosing a niche, or your unique target audience to focus on.

So how do you choose a blogging niche that you can easily monetize?

You need to find a niche that is highly monetizable and has affiliate revenue potential.

One of the most common pieces of advice that pro bloggers provide is to write about your passions.

While this advice may work for a few whose passions lie in a profitable niche, it won’t work for most bloggers. They’ll start with a passion in mind, write content for years without a monetization strategy, get burned out when the money isn’t rolling in, and quit.

That’s why you must choose your niche based on market factors, not passione.