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How to Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketers, usually approach keyword research all wrong as they look for low competition keywords, write a piece of content (post) and then place in as many affiliate links as possible within the post.

The face is that his approach tends to be lots of traffic, but no clicks, conversions, or revenue.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: find keywords with lots of searches that you can rank for, which are about topics where you can naturally plug product recommendations.

The reason this is important comes down to search intent.

For example, someone searching for “best protein powder” is likely in the market for a product but wants to weigh up each option’s pros and cons before pulling the trigger. As a result, they’re quite likely to click and buy linked affiliate products in your post.

However, someone searching for “what is protein powder” is unlikely to make a purchase anytime soon. They’re probably just researching a paper or want to know the difference between the types of powder. It’s unlikely they’ll click and buy any linked affiliate products.

In this post, you’ll learn about the four best types of affiliate keywords to target.

General comparisons

Branded comparisons

Product reviews

T&A keywords

Keyword Research Tips for Affiliate Marketing Websites

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