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A Five-Step Framework for Effective Keyword Targeting

Sometimes we get carried away with details, letting the big picture slip from view. However, when it comes to SEO, the devil isn’t in the details or yet another little-known keyword targeting and overall research technique you’ve dugout. But rather, it is in being strategic when working on your essentials.

Looking at keyword targeting which is the cornerstone of your keyword research, from a completely different and new angle, is important for the process, in order to make sure all of your efforts are truly coherent with your business goals and are best shaped to the competitive landscape you operate in.

There are 5 key steps for the process:

Step 1. Deciding On The Funnel Stages
Step 2. Forming Intent-Based Keyword Groups
Step 3. Determining True Business Potential
Step 4. Identifying Best-Matching Content Types
Step 5. Mapping Keywords To Content

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