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How to Write Facebook Ads That Reduce the Barrier to Purchase

Source: Social Media Examiner

Need to move people to action? Wondering how to improve your sales with Facebook ad copy?

There is a right way to create Facebook and Instagram ads that if you follow its steps, it will help you generate sales.

#1: How to Write Discount Ad Copy to Prompt Purchases

How to Write Facebook Ads That Reduce the Barrier to Purchase by Charlie Lawrance on Social Media Examiner.

Discounts are simple but effective. You’ve likely seen an ad in your Facebook news feed that says something like, “Get 10% off when you use discount code FB10.”

With new customers, a discount reduces the barrier to entry for your target audience to purchase. It also minimizes the risk associated with purchasing from a new company they haven’t used before.

There are several different types of discount offers you can use:

Unconditional discounts: An unconditional discount offer is available to everyone and has no requirements the customer must meet before being able to access the discount. This includes site-wide sales and discounts on specific products.

Conditional discounts: A conditional discount is where the consumer must meet a requirement—often in the form of a minimum spend—to be able to access the discount. Examples include a one-off site-wide or product discount, or a tiered discount system such as “10% off when you spend $50, 15% off when you spend $100.”

Flash sales: Flash sales have produced some of the highest returns I’ve seen. Unlike conditional and unconditional discounts (which you can run as evergreen sales for new customer acquisition), the key to successful flash sales is to run them for no longer than 7 days and only a few times per year. It’s the scarcity that massively increases the conversion rate on your website, which decreases your cost of acquisition and improves your return on ad spend.

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